Law – criminal research paper: topic and outline assignment | GOVT 480 – Terrorism | Liberty University


You will choose a topic related to the study of terrorism or homeland security and create a
sentence outline for your paper. The outline must include an abstract which indicates the topic
focus of the paper to be examined. Then for each main body paragraph a thesis sentence and
citations for the references that indicate the initial research for that point. Finally, a conclusion
with 2-3 sentences of your initial findings.
The format of the topic outline should be as follows:
 This key word outline will need to cover the following subsections of the final paper:
o Title page, APA format
o Abstract
o Introduction
o Main body paragraph topics -minimum of thesis sentence for each
o Conclusion: 2-3 sentences
o All sections above should have citations to support key topic/sub-topic points
 Adhere to current APA format for title page, abstract, citations and include the full
References page.
 Include alpha-numeric outline structure
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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