Leadership analysis paper#1 | Operations Management homework help

Leader chosen: MAHATMA GANDHI


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Leader Analysis Paper #1

During this course, you will have the opportunity to select a leader to analyze in terms of each addressed topic.  In order to do so, you will need to identify a leader for which there is substantial information about his or her leadership style, traits and behaviors in order for you to conduct a review and analysis of his or her leadership competencies.

On Units 3, 6, 9, and 13 you will be asked to respond to various questions about your particular leader and draw correlations between your leader and what you have learned.  For this week’s paper (Leader Analysis Paper #1) you will focus on how your leader did (or did not) display aspects of Fundamentals of Leadership (Unit 1), Effective Thinking (Unit 2), and Emotional Intelligence (Unit 3). You will need to cite your conclusions with references from the week’s reading material.  

Your choice of leader will need to be approved by the instructor.  If, at any point, you find that you do not have enough material to continue your evaluation of this particular leader, you may change to a different leader but only with the approval of your instructor.

For Leader Analysis Paper #1, please submit a 4-6 page (minimum, not counting title page, abstract, table of contents, or references) double-spaced paper that details the following:

1.  Who is your leader and what leadership role/s has this person had?

2.  What is your interest in this leader?  Why do you want to choose this person?

3.  What  sources have you found to support your research?  Will you have  you have sufficient materials and references to continue to assess and analyze this person and his/her leadership style, traits and behaviors throughout this course?

Note: Points 1-3 above should be addressed in 3-5 paragraphs and no more than 250 words.

4.  Citations and references to Units 1, 2, and 3 reading materials that support your choice. Specifically, how did your leader display (or not display) aspects of:

  • Fundamentals of Leadership (Unit 1, “Big Five” Leader Traits [250-375 words, one page to one-and-a-half pages]),
  • Emotional Intelligence (Unit 2, Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management [250-375 words, one page to one-and-a-half pages]) and
  • Effective Thinking (Unit 3, Systems Thinking, Thinking in Time, Ethical Thinking, Creative Thinking, and Critical Thinking [250-375 words, one page to one-and-a-half pages).

5. Using APA format, include a title page, abstract (summary), and a table of contents. Finish with a summary conclusion and a Reference page.

Organize your paper as follows:

Title Page
Executive Summary

The executive summary is a summary of points made in your paper, and is written LAST.

Table of Contents
Introduction (~0.5 page)

The introduction includes a very brief sketch of your interest in your leader and an outline of points your reader can expect you to make about your leader’s “Big Five” traits, thinking effectiveness, and emotional intelligence

Sec. 1 – Fundamentals of Leadership (~1-1.5 pp.) 

  1. How does your leader display, or not display, each of the “Big Five” leader traits?
  2. Explain your answers and illustrate  with examples.

Sec. 2  Emotional Intelligence (~1 page)

  1. How does your leader display, or fail to display, each of the five dimensions of emotional intelligence?
  2. Explain your answers and illustrate  with examples.

Sec. 3 – Effective Thinking (~ 1 page) 

  1. How does your leader display, or fail to display, each of the five dimensions of effective thinking?
  2. Explain your answers and illustrate  with examples.

Summary (~0.5 pp.)

Be sure to include answers to this question in your summary: How can you apply the conclusions of your assessment and analysis to leadership roles and responsibilities in your organization?

References (separate page(s))

APA style (parenthetical references in the text [e.g., (Lewis, 2003)], included only cited works in the References, use “hanging indent” format)

Be sure to review the Grading Rubric below. You may also wish to use:  MGMT560 APA Template.docx Download MGMT560 APA Template.docx