Lesson plan on rational numbers due 9/30/23 by 7pm


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Lesson Topic:

(must be from the approved list of topics)


This should be an introduction to the class activity. In 2-3 sentences, summarize the purpose and desired outcome of the lesson.

National/State Learning Standards:

Review national and state standards to become familiar with the standards you will be working within the classroom environment.

Standards must align with the lesson’s objectives and assessments.

Math Common Core standards can be found here:



List specific and measurable objectives. This is
not a summary of the lesson, but a measurable statement demonstrating what the student will be assessed on. For instance, “understand” is not measurable, but “describe” and “identify” are.

For example:

Given an unlabeled map outlining the 50 states, students will accurately label all state names.

Academic Language (optional)

In this section, include a bulleted list of the general academic vocabulary and content-specific vocabulary you need to teach. In a few sentences, describe how you will teach students those terms in the lesson.


List all resources, materials, equipment, and technology you
and the students will use during the lesson.
Add or attach copies of ALL printed and online materials at the end of this template. Include links needed for any online resources.


Your goal in this section is to explain how you would present the content. For example, you may present the material using guided notes, graphic organizers, video or other visual media, hands-on manipulatives, adaptive technologies, etc. This is where you
teach your students the lesson topic. This needs to be detailed enough to where someone else can teach your class using this lesson plan.

Also, describe the materials you will use throughout the lesson to support learning.
Bold any materials you will need to prepare for the lesson.

Time Needed

Activity Instructions

Your goal for this section is to outline how you will engage students in interacting with the content and academic language. How will students explore, practice, and apply the content? For example, you may engage students through collaborative group work, hands-on activities, experiments, problem-solving, etc.

Describe the
class activity you will engage students in to allow them to explore, practice, and apply the content.
Bold any materials you will use.

Time Needed


Your goal in this section is to explain the various ways in which your students will demonstrate what they have learned.

Explain the options you will provide for your students to express their knowledge about the topic. Students may demonstrate their knowledge in ways that are either more
summative or more

Summative examples: a short answer or multiple-choice test, multimedia presentation, written sentence, reflection, etc.

Formative examples: thumbs up-thumbs middle-thumbs down, a short essay or drawing, an entrance slip or exit ticket, mini-whiteboard answers, electronic quiz games, hand raising, etc.

Underline the names of any assessments.

Time Needed

Extension Activity and/or Homework (optional)

Identify and describe any extension activities or homework tasks as appropriate. Explain how the extension activity or homework assignment supports the learning targets/objectives. Attach any copies of homework at the end of this template.

Time Needed

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