Liberty university cjus 601 quiz 4


Liberty University CJUS 601 Quiz 4

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CJUS 601 Quiz 4

·         Question 1

1.5 out of 1.5 points

A researcher determines whether an association exists between the independent and dependent variables in a true experiment because two or more groups differ in terms of their value on the

·         Question 2

1.5 out of 1.5 points

The list of all elements of a population from which a sample is actually selected is known as the

·         Question 3

1.5 out of 1.5 points

When a conclusion based on a sample of a larger population holds true for that population is known as

·         Question 4

1.5 out of 1.5 points

Using a Solomon four-group design, subjects are randomly assigned to

·         Question 5

1.5 out of 1.5 points

A researcher who draws conclusions about individual-level processes from group-level data is constructing

·         Question 6

1.5 out of 1.5 points

When subjects develop or change during the experiment as part of an ongoing process independent of the experimental treatment is known as

·         Question 7

0 out of 1.5 points

If you complete a survey in a magazine entitled “What Do You Think About the Death Penalty for Teenagers? and mail it in to the publisher, you have participated in survey research

·         Question 8

1.5 out of 1.5 points

The larger the sampling error, the _______ representative the sample is of the population.

·         Question 9

1.5 out of 1.5 points

Rubin and Rubin (1995) suggest three guidelines for selecting informants when designing a purposive sampling strategy. What is one of these guidelines?

·         Question 10

1.5 out of 1.5 points

A true experiment has

·         Question 11

1.5 out of 1.5 points

Samantha asked the registrar at her school to provide a list of all criminal justice majors. She the selected every fifth name on the list. What sampling method did she use?

·         Question 12

1.5 out of 1.5 points

If the probability of selection cannot be determined before a sample is drawn, what type of sampling procedure must be used?

·         Question 13

1.5 out of 1.5 points

A nonprobability sampling method in which elements are selected to ensure that the sample represents certain characteristics in proportion to their prevalence in the population is

·         Question 14

1.5 out of 1.5 points

A source of causal invalidity that occurs when subjects who are chosen for a study because of their extreme scores on the dependent variable become less extreme due to natural cyclical or episodic change in the variable is known as

·         Question 15

Needs Grading

An experiment’s ability to yield valid conclusions about causal effects is determined by the comparability of is experimental and comparison groups. Identify and describe five sources of internal invalidity.

The five sources of internal validity are:

Selection Bias which is the characteristics of treatment and comparison group subjects differ in any way that influences the outcome.

Endogenous Change which occurs when natural developments or changes in the subject (independent if the experiment treatment itself) account for some or all of the observed changes between pretest and posttest.

External Events or history effects is the events that happen outside the experiment can affect the subject outcomes scores. 

Contamination occurs when the control groups is in some way affected by, or affects, the treatment group.

Treatment misidentification occurs when the treatment itself does not cause the outcome but does cause some other process the research is not aware of.