Literary analysis 1500 word essay



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In this Literary Analysis, you must:

  • analyze one (or two stories) 
  • write from the third person point of view (he/she/it/they), not the first person (I) or the second-person (you)
  • have a representative title (though you may include title of the work you are analyzing, do not use only that title)
  • interpret rather than summarize, always
  • make good use of direct quotation, summary, or paraphrases with parenthetical citations
  • incorporate ideas from three (3) outside sources of critical analysis to back up your claims about the literature (MUST BE FROM BC ACADEMIC DATABASE OR OTHER PEER REVIEWED SOURCES FROM SCHOLARLY JOURNALS
  • follow all MLA formatting guidelines (including a Works Cited page)
  • avoid plagiarism when you borrow others’ ideas by documenting your sources (using signal phrases and parenthetical citation), following MLA citation guidelines, found at Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL)

This analysis must not simply summarize the work (I have read it, which precludes the need for more than a surface-level, place-holding summary).