Literature critique: critical evaluation of published nutrition

 Carefully read a journal article pertaining to nutrition. I strongly suggest “Randomized controlled trial assessing two commercial weight loss programs in adults with overweight or obesity”- found at (Links to an external site.)  


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Answer the following questions and turn in as either a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. Please write your answers directly below each question/item below:

1. Summarize the basic idea of the article in a short paragraph.

2. What are the credentials of the author(s)? What do the abbreviations after the name(s) mean? Do they enhance the authors’ credibility? Explain.

If you are using the journal article I suggested above, the authors collectively have the four credentials listed below:




RD (or RDN)-

3. Is the author affiliated with an organization or institution? Does the affiliation with the organization or institution enhance the authors’ credibility? Briefly explain.

If you are using the journal article I suggested, go to (Links to an external site.) . Just under the title of the journal article, you can click “author information”  and information on affiliations will appear for all the authors. 

4. Does the periodical have an editorial board? Do the editors’ credentials enhance the article’s credibility? Where does one look in a periodical for the editorial board?

If you are using the journal article I suggested above, go to (Links to an external site.) .

5. Is scientific research being presented or discussed? Is the research current?

6. If so, what specific kinds of research or data are presented or cited to support the ideas?

7. Were references listed to allow readers to investigate the information’s original source? Were full citations provided?

8. What is the underlying hypothesis (if/then, cause/effect, etc.)?

If you are using the journal article I suggested above, fill in the blanks to answer this question:

[         ] and [        ] weight loss programs will result in [       ] weight loss compared to a personalized reduced-[        ] meal plan based on ChooseMyPlate, in adults with overweight and obesity.

9.  What are the article’s conclusions/recommendations?

10.  Are the conclusions or recommendations supported by the research discussion? Explain briefly why or why not.

11. Design and describe in-depth additional research that could more decisively test the hypothesis identified. Pay particular attention to details and controls.

  • Indicate what will be measured.
  • State the type of experimental design and type of experiment.

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