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Literature Review


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Write a 1,050- to 1,400- word paper discussing care services, and why it is important to have residential memory care facilities?





Describe the research question (identify the problem area) and discuss why it is an important study.


I.      Synthesis of Information


a.     Use critical thinking to synthesize and evaluate the information you have gathered during your research. Use this section to emphasize important ideas andtrends identified in the literature, and explain their importance.


b.    Consider the following information:


1.     The importance of the topic may be established by citing statistics that indicate how many individuals are affected by the particular problem.

2.     Start with a conceptual definition of a key variable, followed by statements and statistics emphasizing the importance of the problem area.

3.     Write a topic-by-topic description of relevant research. Provide major and minor subheadings to guide readers through a long literature review.

4.     Identify issues or areas where research evidence is inconclusive or contradictory.

5.     Discuss any implications or needs for further studies identified in your research.


II.     Conclusion


a.     Discuss how the synthesis of information supports the learning team’s research question. 


b.    Identify areas that require additional research. Where is there a lack of information from synthesis of information? What additional information might be helpful to fully answer the Learning Team’s research question?


III.    Statement of the Research Problem


State the research problem selected by your Learning Team and approved by the instructor in week one.


IV.   References


Include a minimum of 10 references relevant to your chosen research topic, identified during your research in the University library.



Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include a title page and a reference page (No abstract is necessary).