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A local area hospital read great success stories of project management being used in industry and has read recent stories about this being used in a hospital setting. For many years, the hospital has struggled securing patients’ information under current HIPPA guidelines, and their IT department has had many issues with new software rollouts within the hospital and off-site emergency care and surgical centers. The CEO of the hospital has also discovered through her research that IT projects historically have a lower success rate as compared to other types of projects.

She has tasked you to draft your findings on whether or not the hospital should consider opening a “Continuous Improvement Department” to help cut costs, improve quality, and better streamline their IT services.

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> Draft a response detailing the pros and cons of opening such a department within a medical setting that will prepare the CEO for an upcoming meeting that she has with the Board of Directors.

Need 4-6 pages in APA format with introduction and conclusion. Include minimum of 8 peer-reviewed citations.