Marketing plan report (ka) | Management homework help



The specific instructions and requirements for the Final Written Report include:
•    Collegiate level writing is expected
•    Incorporate all corrections suggested by your instructor 
•    Well organized and professionally formatted 
•    NO spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar usage, or punctuation errors
•    Submit Final Report as ONE Word document to the assignment folder
Specific Component Instructions
•    Cover Page 
•    Table of Contents 
•    Executive Summary/Introduction 
•    SMART Model Objectives 
•    Product/Service Description with Feature & Benefit chart
•    SWOT Analysis with action plan 
•    Segmentation Analysis with action plan
•    Supply Chain Plan 
•    Pricing Strategy (brief) 
•    IMC including:
o    A Creative Brief for each distinct plan part 
o    Examples/Samples of content/artwork/images
•    References/Bibliography (if applicable) 

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