Microsoft word 2010 | Computer Science homework help

Microsoft Word 2010

The Microsoft Word 2010 Project will give you a chance to demonstrate the Word skills you have mastered.
Design a one page flyer attracting other people to your favorite hobby, sport, or activity. While creating your flyer make sure you:
Set your top, bottom, left, and right margins to 1″.
Create a heading about your activity, hobby or sport with WordArt.
Add a page border.
Insert and resize graphics related to the subject.
Insert a table; add data and apply a table style (other than grid style). Center the table horizontally.
Insert a hyperlink to a webpage related to the topic.
Add a header with the file name and your first and last name.
Correct all spelling errors.
Include picture or symbol-type bullets that relate directly to your subject. For example, if your flyer is aboutvisiting Florida you may decide to use a Sun symbol or a Flip Flop picture as bullets (Define New Bullet).
Insert a custom Text or Picture Watermark (Use Word Help and search Watermark).
Use different font sizes to add visual appeal.
grading rubric is attached. Save your project file as a 2010 Word document.

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