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Mystic Brewery is a local start-up company formed by two brothers and partners, Jake and Pete. Each has their own brewing equipment and they have recently purchased a small building that was once a car sales/body shop to combine their previous disparate businesses into one microbrewery. Your team with Mystic Brewing is about ready to implement the final system implementation. Jake and Pete have asked you to make a presentation for them detailing the final steps of the system implementation.

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They have converted a former auto shop/car sales business into a new microbrewery that includes a brewery, taproom, and outdoor entertainment area. You have worked with them to develop a specialized integrated management information and transaction processing system that includes the following features:

  • A process management project planner that tracks and controls key steps of the beer brewing process
  • Inventory management and supply tracking
  • A POS interface that integrates sales and inventory
  • An accounting module that schedules workload, tips, and handles payroll
  • A marketing and communication module including CRM functionality that integrates social media, booking, and special events in the entertainment areas
  • Internal Network and public WIFI hotspot (free to customers if they sign up for the CRM)

The brewery potion has been brewing beer for a while, and it is time to convert to the new system, consider contingency plans, assess success metrics, and open the taproom for business!


For this assignment, you will investigate migration plans and post-implementation activities. You will then create a PowerPoint (or other presentation software) presentation that you will present to your clients. You will need to recommend a conversation strategy, negotiate a business contingency plan, and assess costs and benefits. Prepare a statement for post project assessment. Once have completed your analysis, you will present your analysis, recording it, to demonstrating your ability to interact with others in a professional manner.

You must record a video to go with your presentation and can create a video of yourself giving the presentation. You can use the Record Slide Show capabilities in PowerPoint to record yourself giving the presentation. You can also use a screen recording program such as Screencastify (www.screencastify.com) or Screencast-o-matic (screencast-o-matic.com) to record and create your video. Save your video as a separate file so it can be submitted to your instructor as part of the assignment. You will submit both your presentation and the media file that you create to go with it.

If you have a video camera and would like to record yourself giving your presentation, that is acceptable as well. Be sure both you and the presentation are visible in the video. Other video capture mechanisms are acceptable: the end goal is an appropriate .MP4 video file that your instructor can play.

Assignment Instructions:

Part one: PowerPoint presentation: Create a PowerPoint (or other presentation software) presentation that you will present to your clients. The presentation should include the following components.

Title Slide, Template, and Layout

Your first slide is the cover slide. Be sure to include your name, your clients, and your project.

Choose an appropriate graphical template for your presentation. Images and other data visualization techniques are encouraged for your presentation.

Conversion Strategy

In the next 1–3 slides, select a conversion strategy right for this system conversion. Explain the types of conversion strategy options. Make a recommendation and highlight the choices as it reflects the cost, time, and risk associated with elements of the transition. Explain which system conversion recommendation you selected and why.

Business Contingency Plan

In the next 1–2 slides, address the business contingency plan. Explain what a contingency plan is on one slide and make a recommendation for consideration for this system.

Assess Costs and Benefits

This is the most important thing for your client! They want to really make sure that your system makes sense and they can understand and measure the results as they expand their business.

Address the following:

  • Benefits of to-be System
  • Certainty/measurement of benefits
  • Costs of Transition
  • Certainty/measurement of costs

Use Figure 13-6 Major Factors in Successful Change from your textbook to help guide this portion of your analysis.