Mis discussion | BA 602 Management Information Systems | Campbellsville University


Data Visualization and Geographic Information Systems

You may recall that we started using visualization tools back in week 7 (SAP Analytics Cloud) and as recently as this week with Tableau. As an IT manager, discuss how you would use the materials in Chapter 11 of your textbook communicating IT information to other departments, highlighting how tools like SAP Analytics Cloud and Tableau would benefit you. Specifically, explain how executive dashboards can lead to better business insights. What are the limitations of dashboards?

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[Chapter 11 of the textbook talks about Data Visualization and Geographic Information System-SAP, Tableau, Enterprise systems (ERP, SCM, CRM), GIS sources and applications] 

In 2-3 paragraphs answer the question above.

Complete your main post no later than Sunday week 11.

Use APA throughout.300 words. References