Mmmw week 7 | History homework help

Part I:

As The Execution of Charles I reading demonstrates, a primary source is the product of the historical context and biases surrounding the author. There is always a lot of subtext in a primary source, so you need to read between the lines. With this in mind, let’s do some detective work with this week’s readings!

Please write 1-2 concise paragraphs connecting “The Trial of Joan of Arc” with De Thou’s “Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.” For both readings, I would like you to address the following questions:

  • Do the authors favor the Reformation or do they support the Catholic Church, and why do you think this is the case?
  • Explain how these documents connect to either “The Council of Trent” or “Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.” That is, how do “The Trial of Joan of Arc” and “Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” relate to either Martin Luther’s teachings or the Catholic Church’s response to the Reformation. (Hint: even if the reading favors the Catholic Church, there might still be Protestant teachings in there.)

Have at least 2 in-text citations from each reading.

Part II:

Please write a few sentences explaining how Thomas Hobbes (author of Leviathan) would react to the execution of King Charles I. This does not need to be a full paragraph, but I would like you to include 2 in-text citations (at least one should be from Leviathan. The other can be from Leviathan, lecture, or The Execution of Charles I.)