Mn 504 unit 6 dq 2


MN504: Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice

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Unit 6: Quantitative Analysis and The Research Critique Process

Topic 2: Variables, Measurement, and Statistics

A nurse has decided to research the following PICOT question: “Adult clients who are admitted to the cardiac unit with congestive heart failure are more likely to develop nosocomial infections than other cardiac clients admitted to the cardiac unit.” A quantitative research design is planned for this Project.

1. From the PICOT question, determine the following: 

a. Identify the variables

b. Identify the levels of measurement of each variable

c. Identify the statistical test(s) to be used.

2. Provide at least three citations with full references to credible nursing scholarly articles supporting your definitions and discussion.

Please carefully review the Discussion Board grading rubric in the grading rubrics section of the Course Home.