mobilizing evidence: reflections on policy sociology

Using the article attached answer each question separately.

1. What were your thoughts about Lise’s descriptions of Policy Sociology? How do you think Lise’s arguments provide additional information to the Banton (2016) and Shahidullah (1998) articles?

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2.Neither of the recommendations Lize made while working for OPPAGA were accepted by the legislatures and acted upon. However, he does believe his work at Free the Slaves had a positive effect. To what degree do you think Policy Sociologists are truly affecting change and informing policy decisions? Are there factors which could make them more effective?

3. Lise characterized his work with the government agency as quantitative and that done for the NGO as qualitative? Why do you think that was? Is the self-defined purpose of the agency tied to the type of research methods the agency may prefer?

4. Do you feel that Lise adequately explores the way client-driven sociology can interfere with the research process and add bias to the results?

5.Lise states that policy sociologists need interpersonal and communication skills that are not specifically taught in sociology programs? Do you think they should be? Should more emphasis be placed on insuring that students recognize the benefits of internships or volunteer work? Are their other skills you think Policy Sociologists need?

6.  In conclusion, what struck you as must important in Lise’s discussion? What takeaway point were you left with?