Mod 5 determination of death and informed consent


1. Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA):

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o How this law was created

o Legal definition of death, describe

2. Define dying within context of faith, basic principle about human life

3. Bioethical Analysis of Pain Management – Pain Relief

4. What is the difference between Pain and suffering? Explain

5. Diagnosis / Prognosis: define both.

6. Ordinary / Extraordinary means of life support. Explain the bioethical analysis.

7. Killing or allowing to die? Define both and explain which one is ethically correct and why?

8. Catholic declaration on life and death; give a summary of this document: (Links to an external site.)

9. What is free and informed consent from the Catholic perspective?

10. Define Proxi, Surrogate

11. Explain:

o Advance Directives

o Living Will

o PoA / Durable PoA