Module 02 discussion disorders of the central nervous system


You are preparing to work as a nurse in the neurology unit. The preceptor informs you to be prepared to discuss the following topics as they are commonly seen on the unit. In order to prepare, choose one of the following topics of interest as your initial discussion posting. Use this course’s resources and one evidenced-based article to explore the topic of your choice.

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  1. How do you assess a      client when the nurse suspects onset of CVA?
  2. Provide discharge      information for a client with mild TBI.
  3. Discuss surgical      management of brain tumors.
  4. Describe postoperative      complications of a craniotomy.

When responding to the initial posting, provide an evidence-based article to support your response. Respond to two other topics different than your initial topic with a reference.

Due dates for your initial post (4/13/2023, 11:59 pm) and two response posts by April 15, 11:59 pm)

SON Discussion Rubric

Levels of Achievement

Discussion Rubric Criteria (Points)

  • Initial Posting Comprehension –      Points 12
  • Initial post does not include      explanations with examples or supporting evidence. Failure to      submit initial posting will result in zero points for this criteria.      – Points 9
  • Initial post includes brief explanation      with limited or unclear examples and limited supporting evidence. – Points      10
  • Initial post includes clear      explanation with examples and supporting evidence. – Points 11
  • Initial post includes      comprehensive explanation with detailed examples and supporting evidence.      Points 12
  • Response Posting Reasoning –      Points 12
  • Response to peers attempts to      contribute to the discussion but lacks suggestions and/or supporting      evidence. Failure to submit response postings will result in zero      points for this criteria. – Points 9
  • Response to peers provides      minimal contributions and suggestions with limited or no supporting      evidence. – Points 10
  • Response to peers contributes      to the discussion with suggestions and supporting evidence. – Points 11
  • Response to peers offers      substantial contributions and detailed suggestions with supporting      evidence. – Points 12
  • Spelling and Grammar – Points 3
  • Spelling and grammar contain      substantial errors that makes sentences and/or paragraphs incoherent. –      Point 0
  • Spelling and grammar errors      occur but are inconsistent. Paragraphs and sentences are coherent but may      exhibit spelling errors, run-on’s or fragments, and/or improper verb tense      usage. – Point 1
  • Displays proper grammar      application and writing contains minimal to no spelling errors. May      contain rare improper uses of words (ex., their vs. there), a misplaced      modifier, or a run-on sentence, but does not detract from the overall      understanding of the sentence and/or paragraph. – Points 2
  • Demonstrates an exemplary      application of spelling and grammar. – Points 3
  • APA Citation – Points 3
  • Citations do not follow APA      Style. Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries are not cited, or there is      no attempt to cite them using APA style. – Point 0
  • Errors in APA citations are      noticeable and may detract from the ability to locate the original source      (for example, no title provided, year of publication is missing, no      punctuation). – Point 1
  • Errors in APA citations are      less noticeable and do not detract from the ability to locate the original      source (for example, a missing or misused comma or period, missing      parentheses, author name not properly abbreviated, indentation is      misaligned). – Points 2
  • APA citations are free of style      and formatting errors. – Points 3

Total Points Possible : 30