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In this journal reflection, you will answer the questions below to help you formulate your topic. 

Please address the following in your journal:

  1. Identify a      topic in your specialization. (For IT students, Information Technology is      not a topic, however, Millennial’s perceptions of smart phone technology      could be a topic.  For leadership students, leadership or leadership      styles would be too broad.  You could, however, compare leader and      followers perceptions of leadership styles in private four year      institutions. These are examples).  
  2. What is the      current problem related to your topic? Who is the problem happening to?      Where is the problem happening? Provide at least two citations to show      that the problem is still happening today. 
  3. What part of      the problem listed in #2 do you want to research and why? 
  4. What      methodology are you planning on using? (If you are unsure, do you plan on      a quantitative or qualitative study?  You will determine your      methodology in 839).
  5. For the      methodology listed in #4, how and where will you get your data? 
  6. What theories      or frameworks (i.e. transformational leadership theory, technology      acceptance model, etc) will guide your study? What are the origins of      these theories? 

Share your topic idea(s) by going to the “Week 1 Assignment – Journal Reflection on Topic Ideas” link above.