Need a research paper done….

I need a research paper done… it has to be 11-12 pages long… No plagiarism….. No grammar mistakes…..I need it by 1/9/2014


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No plagiarism… please……. No Grammar Mistakes…


follow the direction or money back…


need it ASAP


it is reasearch paper… You need atleast 2 book sources and 3 legit sources online. 


no Wikpedia….

2 book sources and 3 legit sources online…. no .com…..



GOOD news******



i have done about 5-6 pages and you need


to go upon those ideas and do some of


your own research to come up with the 2


book and 3 online sources.. You need to


fix if there is anything wrong with the 


5-6 pages in the beginnning. 


Make sure you do what needs to be done.



i will email you the paper…. when assigned…..



i also have an outline… that you can follow if you want….



The citation is supposed to be MLA citation…