Need help with a powerpoint presentation.

I need help developing a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes. Use the scenario below to develop a valid, reliable assessment plan appropriate for the testing situation and test taker. In your presentation, you will describe your assessment plan and explain your choices. 

The scenario is:

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 Applied Behavior Analysis:

Tyler just turned three years old. His parents have concerns about Tyler’s development compared to his peers. Tyler only says three words regularly, including his name, by which he refers to himself instead of using personal pronouns. Tyler prefers to point to objects he wants instead of talking and often becomes frustrated when caregivers cannot understand what he wants. While Tyler can walk, he often falls when trying to run. Tyler’s parents have requested an evaluation to determine whether he is meeting developmental milestones and what services, if any, may help him.


In 10 slides

  • Summarize the reasons for the assessment referral. Feel free to add details to the original scenario description if needed.
  • State the main objectives of your assessment plan. You could approach your objectives in multiple ways, depending on what you identify as the main assessment needs in the given situation. Your objectives should include three to five main goals to achieve using the assessment tools.
  • Choose three psychological tests from the Mental Measurements Yearbook of Tests in Print database in the Purdue Global Library to assess the test taker. Describe each test in detail, including the construct(s) it measures, the type of scale it uses, the item type(s), the number of items, and other test characteristics.
  • Provide evidence-based explanations for each test you chose.
    • Provide evidence that each psychological tool is reliable (e.g., demonstrates test-retest, parallel-forms, alternative forms, split-half, internal consistency, or inter-scorer reliability).
    • Provide evidence from scholarly sources demonstrating that each tool is valid (e.g., evidence of face validity, content validity, criterion-related validity, and construct validity).
  • Explain what types of recommendations this assessment plan would allow you to make.
  • Describe any limitations to your assessment plan for the assessment purposes.
  • Use scholarly sources to support your choices.
  • Cite three or more scholarly sources.