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Week 8 Discussion- Rhett Bundy


Rhett Bundy posted Aug 4, 2023 12:56 AM




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Part 1. 

Water pollution is serious problem that can often be connected to urbanization in the world. As towns develop and grow, so does its population. Waste in the form of trash, garbage, human fecal matter, and industrial waste can cause massive uses to any populus. Those who live in any society that has a water pollution problem could lead to problems such as lack of drinking water, damage to national parks or protected area including the wildlife, and if this water is consumed leads to diseases like typhoid, cholera. It’s important that water pollution is cleaned and resolved in any society to mitigate the risk it poses to the population and nature. 

Part 2 

A reform movement would be the best solution to correct the changes needed to stop and prevent water pollution that takes place in any society. It holds a better fit as opposed to other forms of movements that seem to either focus on individual growth or trying to keep things the same. How this reform movement is extremely important as it will affect how people view the work that needs to be done i.e., an environmental reform movement can’t become an “eco- terrorism” group. Making sure that a reform group does its due diligence to educate, sway, volunteer, and call for reform can greatly impact any environment. My solution that I believe would work best to help accomplish the goal of preventing water pollution would be to first raise awareness, organize water way clean-ups, and organize members to put due pressure on politicians and industries that have the power to create change. 


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