Nonverbal communications | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

 In our module on NVC, we learned about nonverbal communication and how it interacts with and compliments verbal communication. We also discovered that the majority of the message meaning comes from nonverbal communication. This chapter list and explains 9 types of nonverbal communication; kinesics, haptics, physical appearance, artifacts, proxemics, environmental factors, chronemics, paralanguage and silence.

To answer this exploratory question choose five (5)  of the nine (9) types and write a paragraph on each explaining what it communicates nonverbally about you.  For example how do you use kinesics and what does that communicate about you?  Do people sometimes misinterpret what your face and body motions mean? What do your artifacts say about you, if anything?  Do you think your gender (gender affiliation/identification) impacts your nonverbal communication or others’ perceptions of your nonverbal communication?  Do you think your native culture impacts your nonverbal communication?

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