Nursing california assembly or senate bill assignment


topic: AB-90 Family PACT Program: contraceptive device coverage

 California Assembly or Senate Bill Assignment-The goal of this assignment is for you to
become acquainted with bills introduced for the 2020-2021 California legislative session that
impact nursing or healthcare. You may also choose a current federal bill. You must write a
3-5 pages and a one-page policy brief (also known as an “ask”).
The 3-5 page should be formatted according to APA (7th ed.) and includes:
 A summary of the bill
 An ethical critique of the bill based on relevant bioethical principles and provisions from
the nursing code of ethics
 Changes you would make to the bill based on the ethical critique
 Identify stakeholders and explain how they will be affected by the bill
 The position of a professional nursing or healthcare organization when applicable
 Online link to the bill
Develop a one-page policy brief or “ask” using the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ)
Connect Manual suggestions or the Kristi Lopez PowerPoint in Canvas. Identify a state
congressional stakeholder involved (or one that should be) in this policy according to the
instructions on page 6 of the RWJ Connect Manual and email his/her office with your
one-pager attached. If the only option of communicating with the politician is a dialogue
box with a word limit, then abbreviate your one-page policy brief accordingly.
Confirm that you have sent the one-page policy brief with a word document that includes the
name of the politician, and the date it was sent. If you were limited to a dialogue box,
include the contents of that box on the word document or provide a screen shot 

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