Nursing leadership case study 2

CASE STUDY # 2 You recently graduated from an ADN Nursing program. Prior to this you were an LPN working closely with your close friend Janie who is also an LPN. Now Janie as an LPN is now under your span of control. Although Janie has told you that she is proud of you, some of her actions have bothered you. She openly questions some of your instructions and often takes an extra 10 minutes for her breaks. She sometimes laughingly makes remarks about your new status implying being an RN has ″gone to your head″. Today when you were doing your end -of -shift charting, you noticed that Janie had not recorded intake and output amounts or vital signs on some of her patients. When you question her she says ″oh, you gave m too much work to do today and I thought I would leave those for your to do for me″. You initially feel hurt and betrayed by Janie because you believe that she is directly challenging your new status of team leader. You are not sure what you should do to narrow the authority-power gap, because it is becoming obvious that Janie is openly defiant. For you to be successful in your role as team leader, you must take some actions to solve this dilemma. Question:. 1.How should you proceed ? 2.What are the political ramifications if this incident is not handled properly.? 3. How should you use your power and authority when dealing with this problem? 

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