Nursing nur 415 week 8 assignment: tracing a piece of legislation | nursing

 Identify a bill that relates to health care, a social issue, or nursing practice. You may select a federal or state bill.

FAQ which outlines how the bill was introduced and the process for approval by including answers to the following questions:

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  • State the legislation name and summarize the purpose of the bill
  • Who introduced/sponsored the bill?
  • Where was it introduced? (U.S. Congress or a state legislature)
  • Who helped to draft the legislation?
  • Did nursing organizations such as the American Nurses Association identify support or opposition for the law? Look at two or more organizations, and you may need to review their lobbying information. If you can not find any evidence related to the legislation, list the organizations that you reviewed.
  • Which congressional or legislature committees were involved?
  • What happened to the legislation after it was introduced? Was it passed, enacted, or funded? If yes, when did it take effect?
  • What is the impact on health care or nursing practice?