Operating systems project | Operating Systems

Description and Instructions:

The deliverables of the project should include A report with the following sections: 

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o Abstract: summary of chosen problem. (2 Marks)

o Introduction: a brief introduction about the chosen topic. These should be demonstrated using text and diagrams. (2 Marks) 

o Background: a brief of the chosen topic (provide any terms or theories the reader should know about). (3 Marks) 

o Discussion: discuss the chosen topic thoroughly. ( 4 Marks)

o Conclusion: summarize the findings of the discussion. (2 Marks)

o References: The citation should follow the APA style. (1 Marks)

Your paper must be 4-6 pages, including references.

Topic:  Comparative survey between Desktop OS and Mobile OS in terms of various features like Storage, Memory requirement, boot time etc. 

Learning Outcome(s):

– Describe the OS mechanism for process management, threads, memory, storage management, I/O, file and concurrency management.