Osi model & theory and application | ISM | University of Arizona


The Open Systems Internconnection (OSI) model is a theoretical framework that separates the different aspects of networking into seven layers. Understanding these layers and evaluating how they are interconnected and the taxonomy used will provide greater knowledge and assist you to develop skills in the realm of networking.

For this assignment, you will apply telecommunication and network technical knowledge to address the following elements.

  • Describe the seven layers of the OSI Model.
  • Compare the relationship between the OSI Model and the TCP/IP protocol using both a graphical and descriptive representation.
  • Apply standard principles of design to the conceptualization of the OSI model and explain how a network engineer can use the OSI model to help troubleshoot a networking problem.
  • Explain in which layer of the OSI model the following networking devices and functions can be found. Using your required sources, support your choice of the OSI model layers with a brief explanation of each of the following.
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • Data encryption
    • Error detection
    • Remote file access
    • Email client