Peer response 2 100 words minimum | computer

Peers main post:  My job as a general manager of a restaurant managing 20 employees from the front of house and kitchen, excel is my best friend. The main thing I use excel for are the credit card tips. The tips are divided in a pool with servers making 80% for the hours they worked and bussers making 20%. I start with dividing the daily tips in 80%. Each coloumn is the name of a server and the hours they worked. The other table would be the 20% cut with all the bussers names and the hours they worked. It is a lot of work on my part but its the fairest for the employees and excel makes the process a lot easier especially with dragging the cells totals and formulas. I know that I could be stronger with excel and the more experince I have with it, the easier it will make my job. 

respond to peer in a minimum of 100 words to keep the discussion going.

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