Perform scanning activity on an emerging technology for your

Using the study materials provided in u01s1 and other sources, identify an emerging technology that could be used for the organization within the SOW. After identifying an emerging technology, evaluate this technology using a SWOT analysis.

Here are some possible emerging technologies to consider specific to the organization within the SOW (note: feel free to choose an emerging technology from outside this list).

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Cryptocurrency/blockchain (i.e. Bitcoin/Litecoin).

FinTech (financial technology).

Cyber analytics – emerging use of analytics to support cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence/machine learning applications in present and near future use.

Augmented reality/virtual reality applications.

Biometric advances.

Wearable technology.

In addition to the study materials provided in u01s1, the following are excellent resources for finding and identifying emerging technologies: The New York Times and Wall Street Journal technology sections, Tech Republic, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and Google Scholar.