Performance enhancement | Healthcare Operations Managemen | Rasmussen College System


You are the new project manager for the operations unit of Charleston General Hospital. The hospital is facing challenges of long wait times at the ED, resulting in a high number of patients leaving without being seen (LWBS) and long admission holds in the ED. Upon initial assessment, you determine that the two challenges are related and are caused by inefficiencies in the process flow.

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Develop a process map to evaluate and suggest a redesign of the current challenges. Process maps are graphical depictions of a process. The process map (flow chart) shows the sequence of tasks, decisions, and all other related activities that results from inputs and outputs.

Your map should include a visual illustration of different processes that can be employed by Charleston General to improve the flow of operations in the ED. Attach a summary of the proposed changes reflected in the process map to explain how the changes can improve performance outcomes for the ED.


Rubric below:

A – 4 – Mastery

Process map thoroughly evaluated the selected health organization challenges with strong detail and supporting information and made connections between the identified challenges.

A – 4 – Mastery

Suggested a detailed redesign of the selected challenge with strong detail and supporting information.

A – 4 – Mastery

Process map was clearly organized, professional, and easy to read.