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University of Houston – Main Campus, Houston, Texas
Major: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science; Minor: Psychology
Dean’s List | GPA: 3.7 | Expected Graduation – Spring 2023


Houston Methodist – Vanguard and Houston Inpatient Physicians Dec 2021 – Present
Medical Administrative Assistant

• Liaised with doctors and nurses about patients’ Home Health Plan of Care and PT/OT/ST


• Assigned CPT codes for medical diagnoses and billing

• Compiled medical records and charts, and managed financial records

Shadow Experience Dec 2021- Jan 2022
Polygon HQ – Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center

• Assisted physical therapists in prescribing treatment protocols, and encouraged patients to

work hard and consistently to achieve their goals

• Worked with licensed physical therapists to explore different techniques of contemporary

Absolute Physical Therapy and Fitness May 2021- June 2022

• Assisted patients with light exercise during physical therapy sessions

• Discussed and planned exercise programs for patient with disabilities to help them reach their

fitness goals


Center for Student Involvement Aug 2021- Present
University of Houston

• Volunteered at several events targeting all age groups.

• Assisted in a variety of tasks such as: check-in, hospitality, providing directions, inventory checks,
and distribution

Medical Volunteer / Health Camps Dec 2018 – Present
BAPS Charities, Brookdale Senior Living, Ibn Sina Medical Clinic

• Volunteered with certified surgeons and physicians to learn and understand how professionals

diagnose health concerns with medical skill set.

• Used medical skills to perform various task aimed to provide patients with exceptional care.


• Health Student Association Aug 2022 – Present

• Pre-Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Society Aug 2021 – Present

• South Asian Student Association Aug 2020 – Present

• Hindu Yuva Aug 2020 – Present

• BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Aug 2015 – Present


PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Directing treatment, Patient evaluation, Goal setting

SOFT SKILLS: Communication, Compassion, Time Management, Critical Thinking, Conflict Resolution

LANGUAGES: Native- Hindi/Urdu, Native- Gujarati, Native- English, and Elementary- Spanish