Personal taxes | Accounting homework help

The assignment requires an email to be sent to fictional clients Daniel B. Butler and Freida C. Butler. They reaching out by email, asking for help with their taxes this year. An email is attached to give background information and ask what additional information is required to complete their tax return. An email to the Butlers must be sent to the fictional characters that professionally explains and justify s what is needed from them in order to accurately do their taxes.   In the email back to the client, the critical elements listed below must be addressed. When responding to the clients’ email, make sure to address all of their questions and concerns. This will help support the critical elements below. 

I. Identify what additional documents the clients need to provide in order for you to do their taxes. 

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II. Identify applicable deductions and credits available for the clients. 

III. Differentiate types of income and expenditures.

IV. Explain how you utilized the IRS website for staying current in the identification and application of appropriate tax codes and laws.