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Help Desk Implementation

            In addition to the other elements of the planned strategic IT operation there will be a need to develop and implement an IT Help Desk to better facilitate the support of Northwest Georgia Auto Parts’ internal IT issues and problems while also providing a valuable information resource that can be used to determine future projects and requirements which will deliver the most effective impact on known IT issues and problems.

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            There are several steps which should be considered with regards to the implementation of a Help Desk and the planning phase should be one of the most comprehensive as it will necessarily impact on the overall quality and effectiveness of the developed solution. Therefore the following questions need to be addressed:

·         What are the specific needs of the Help Desk?

·         What should the primary functions be?

·         Who will be in charge?

·         What level of qualifications will be required?

·         Will there be any outsourcing required?

·         What structure will best suit the organization?

·         What technology and tools will be required?

·         How will the performance of the Help Desk be measured?