Place your name in the header of the page with the course name,


Hello sorry for the bother I have an assignment due.  I know this assignment is a reflection essay but I did provide the notes for this class. On the section of what I found to be interesting can touch on the broken window theory on how small offenses add up and encourage large ones. On the section of what have you learned during the first weeks of the class I would like it to touch on the sara model. Or if there is anything that you would like to touch on from the notes you can feel free to do so. 

Create (no handwritten work accepted) a two-page reflection paper (narrative-form document) providing a detailed overview of what you have learned in this Spring 2019 course CRJ 490 – Crime Prevention. 

You must answer each of the questions below in your paper. 


Place your name in the header of the page with the course name, course number, and page number

2 – 2.5 pages

Double spaced

12 point font only

275 – 300 words minimum per page 

Pay attention to, and address, your grammar, spelling, typos, structure, …

Separate your response to each question with a bolded heading.

Start your paper with an opening statement (overview of what you are going to be talking about).

What have you learned about crime prevention during the first weeks of this course?

How can crime prevention efforts have an effect on crime?

Describe one topic that we have covered in class that was really interesting to you.

Articulate what efforts could realistically be made at the micro level of your neighborhood to deter criminal activity; pick any one specific crime.

End your paper with a conclusion paragraph that ties your topics together.