Please read all ?s (it is about how you respond to people who believe


Do you believe in ghosts?  

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The paranormal? 

Other unexplained phenomena?  (These are rhetorical questions.)  Given our conversation last week about how people “think they know the truth” this wonderful and humorous TED talk by scientist and free-lance reporter Carrie Poppy will be of interest.  View this 13 minute TED talk and then answer the question below. 

How might Carrie Poppy’s approach to dealing with people adamant about something (especially employees who might report to you) work when someone simply cannot give up her/his belief? What role does respect play in your communication with that employee and how might you be able to show that respect?

Note: this DQ is not about ghosts, so don’t reply to my rhetorical questions.  It is about how you respond to people who believe in such things.