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Task 1

BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans

This unit forms part of the following qualification:

BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management


Introduction 3
Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions 4


The assessment tasks for BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans are outlined in the assessment plan below. These tasks have been designed to help you demonstrate the skills and knowledge that you have learnt during your course.

Please ensure that you read the instructions provided with these tasks carefully. You should also follow the advice provided in the Business Works Student User Guide. The Student User Guide provides important information for you relating to completing assessment successfully.

Assessment for this unit

BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans describes the skills and knowledge required to lead a business operation that covers the steps required to develop and implement business plans.

For you to be assessed as competent, you must successfully complete two assessment tasks:

Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions – You must answer all questions correctly.

Assessment Task 2: Project – You must work through a range of activities and complete a project portfolio.

Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions

Information for students

Knowledge questions are designed to help you demonstrate the knowledge which you have acquired during the learning phase of this unit. Ensure that you:

· review the advice to students regarding answering knowledge questions in the
Business Works Student User Guide

· comply with the due date for assessment which your assessor will provide

· answer all questions completely and correctly

· submit work which is original and, where necessary, properly referenced

· submit a completed cover sheet with your work

· avoid sharing your answers with other students.


Assessment information

Information about how you should complete this assessment can be found in Appendix A of the
Business Works Student User Guide.
Refer to the appendix for information on:

· where this task should be completed

· the maximum time allowed for completing this assessment task

· whether or not this task is open-book.

Note: You must complete and submit an assessment cover sheet with your work. A template is provided in Appendix C of the Student User Guide.

Task 1 – Knowledge questions

Provide answers to all of the questions below:

Question 1.1

Outline three reasons why a company may choose to develop a business plan.

Question 1.2

Outline the key steps involved in developing a business plan.

Question 1.3

Outline five common components of a business plan.

Question 1.4

Outline three areas that the initial business planning process may address.

Question 1.5

Outline the purpose of a SWOT analysis in a business planning process.

Question 1.6

Describe the relationship between performance objectives and key performance indicators in a business plan.

Question 1.7

Explain why it is important for a business to use a range of performance measures within its business plan.

Question 1.8

If a business plan has an objective of improving customer satisfaction, describe three performance measures that could be used to measure customer satisfaction.

Question 1.9

Outline key stakeholders who may be involved in business planning.

Question 1.10

List the information that can be obtained from pre-existing strategic, business and operational plans when writing a new business plan (include at least 5).

Question 1.11

Identify at least three regulations/permits requirements/licence requirements to consider when initiating a new business activity that may require a permit or licence.

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