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Acts at the federal level are comprised of laws that regulate the formation of policy at the state and local levels. The federal laws that were overviewed in this lesson are complex and composed of multiple policies that contain detailed regulations and requirements that must be enforced for funding eligibility. It is important that educational leaders are aware of these federal mandates and how they inform policy at the state and local levels. 


Complete the following steps to prepare for this assignment:

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  1. Select four federal policies contained in the acts presented in this lesson using the research resources.
  2. Review the policies of your local PK-12 educational agency to appraise how the selected federal policies are enacted in local PK-12 policies. You may also have to go to the state educational agency (SEA) site to determine how the SEA enacted the federal policies.

Steps to complete the assignment:

Part 1: Create a two-column comparison table that appraises how four of the federal policies are enacted in policies at the local level to uphold federal regulations.

  • Address one policy per row.
  • In column 1, identify and briefly describe the federal policy.
  • In column 2, appraise how the federal policy has influenced local policy and practice. This can be done by concisely describing the local policy and how it is enacted in school practice.

Part 2: Write a reflective analysis, from the perspective of an educational leader, and appraise how the selected federal policies influence a school leader’s decision-making and practice.

This assignment must include a 1-2 page comparison table and a 1-2 page reflection (excluding the title and reference page) and at least 3 scholarly resources.