Post and reply musw8 | Reading homework help


Answer the following questions 250 WORDS MIN:

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        What have you gained from studying music appreciation during this course? 

        What do you know now that you did not know before taking this class?


        Do you have a favorite composer/artist that we studied? If so, who is it, and why? 

        Do you think that your learning about music in MUSI200 was beneficial to your thinking about your own life experiences? If so, please explain.

        During the course, what (if any) connections to your life, work, or other pursuits did you make in learning about music?

        After completing MUSI200, what role does music serve in your life? 

        Have your perceptions of experiences with music changed as a result of the course? If so, how?


1.  I have gained the knowledge of pointing out the six basic elements of music, learning what they are and applying when listening to music in my car. Being able to recognize the harmony and timbre without even realizing it.

I did not know any history from any other music genre besides hip hop and R&B. This course has opened up my ears and mind when listening to music.

My favorite composer that I have written about in this course is Nadia Boulanger. I think she was a brilliant composer and an even more brilliant teacher. She taught many students, which some are still alive today. She had an influence on music culture that is greatly appreciated. She used her sister’s death and turned it into passion.

Music is beneficial in every way of life, music is therapeutic to me. The type of music I listen to reflects my mood.

Music has always been a part of me since playing the saxophone in my middle school band. Music serves as mu happy place, as a way from me to sit back and listen to the words and the meaning behind each lyric.

My perception has changed knowing that there is more music to listen to than just hip hop and R&B. knowing that each genre has its own origin and how music from more than hundreds of years ago, plays a part in the music I listen to now.

2.  We are finally in our last week of this class! I must say, this class was very challenging and made me work a little harder than I had gotten use to. I will say, I needed the extra push and this class was definitely eye opening and the research we had to do for each assignment and forum as very informative. I have gained so much information that I had no idea about from this music course like understanding tone, melody, and harmony. Seeing that exact definition of all these terms added more knowledgeable assets that I did not know I needed. My favorite composer from studying this course would have to be Beethoven. The only reason why, is because of the controversy on social media I saw about him and it just so happen to be around the same time of this course.  I used that particular week’s lesson to form an opinion and share facts with friends. I found this very beneficial to my personal life. A simple class like music, although it may not be major related, is very beneficial rather you use the information now or later.  After completion of this course, I have no future roles per say as far listening to music. I do know I may subconsciously try to figure out tone and melody and other key words we learned in this course… of  a particular song (LOL.)  This is only because the research and constant reading we did over those words is fresh in my brain.