Power point 8 – 10 slides with speakernotes

  • Prepare an 8- to10-slide (excluding title page and reference page) PowerPoint presentation in which a specific country/culture outside of the United States is selected. This country will also be used in subsequent assignments (weeks six and seven).
  • Examine how the United States is viewed by that culture and why.
    • Compare and contrast the value and communication norms between the United States and that country.
    • Recommend and support strategies that the first time visitor from the United States can employ to learn about and deal with those norms and perceptions.
  • Use at least three sources, two of which must be scholarly sources (peer reviewed studies or journal articles) from the West library.
  • Include speaker notes for each slide (average 75 words per slides), a title slide, and a reference slide. References are to be formatted using the West Citation and Reference generator tool. Citations are not needed on each slide except when presenting direct quotations of graphics taken from another source.