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The purpose of this project is to use data to assess two different geographic markets which are defined by their zip codes.  Zip codes can be used to reveal information about the wealth, populations, diversity and business climate for specific areas.  You will assess your two different markets (zip code areas) and prepare a short business presentation responding to a series of questions.

Steps for Completion:

  1. Use Esri Location DataLinks to an external site. to evaluate these zip codes: 80903 and 07011.
  2. Answer the following in either a 1-3 slide PowerPoint presentation OR a 1-2 page written response:
    1. How would you describe the two markets overall?
    2. What types of opportunities exist? What are the challenges?
    3. Would you build a frozen yogurt franchise in either of these locations? (Assume no current competition)
    4. If no, what type of retail outlets would you consider for these two locations
    5. Overall, provide a brief description of who lives in each the zip codes – what defines each of the zip codes?
    6. What are strengths and weaknesses, from a business perspective, of each zip code, e.g., population density, income levels, culture?
    7. Yes or no, are you building a frozen yogurt shop in this zip code?
    8. If you determine that frozen yogurt is a poor idea, what type of retail establishment or service business (nail salon, gym?) would you place in this zip code? Provide a reason – using the data, for your choice.

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