Powerpoint_1a_kwt_overview | Computer Science homework help



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Open the file Student_PowerPoint_1A_KWT_Overview.pptx   downloaded with this project. Then, in your textbook, turn to Project 1A and   complete all of the steps in Activities 1.01-1.14.
  Note: Activities 1.15 -1.16 are optional and may also be assigned by your   instructor but will not be submitted to MyLab IT to be graded.


Complete Activity 1.01   Identifying Parts of the PowerPoint Window. 


Complete Activity 1.02 Entering   Presentation Text


Complete Activity 1.03 Applying   a Presentation Theme 


Complete Activity 1.04 Inserting   a New Slide


Complete Activity 1.05   Increasing and Decreasing List Levels


Complete Activity 1.06 Adding   Speaker Notes to a Presentation


Complete Activity 1.07   Displaying and Editing Slides in the Slide Pane


Complete Activity 1.08 Inserting   a Picture from a File


Complete Activity 1.09 Applying   a Style to a Picture


Complete Activity 1.10 Applying   and Removing Picture Artistic Effects


Complete Activity 1.11 Viewing a   Slide Show


Complete Activity 1.12 Using   Presenter View


Complete Activity 1.13 Inserting   Headers and Footers on Slide Handouts


Complete Activity 1.14 Inserting   Slide Numbers on Slides


Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.