Practicum presentation | hit 170 | DeVry University–Georgia

!!!!! The Healthcare Organization of my choice is “Piedmont Radiation Oncology Center, Griffin, GA”!!!!

During Week 8, you are expected to select a healthcare organization that you would be interested in working with. After selecting the healthcare organization you will conduct research to discover pertinent facts about the organization. You will use the information you learned about the organization to develop a PowerPoint presentation. After developing your presentation you will add your voice to the presentation. To learn how to add voice to your presentation go to Course Resources and select the link titled, MS PowerPoint: How to Make Recordings. You might need to acquire a computer microphone to record your presentation. You will then submit your completed presentation for grading.

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The presentation should consist of no more than 10-12 slides and it should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

Your presentation should include the following:

  • Cover slide with your name, HIT170, session, and the name of the organization you selected.
  • Table of contents slide or similar noting what the presentation includes
  • Overview of facility (location, number of beds [if applicable], overview of services provided, community it serves, organizational structure, and type of accreditation)
  • Mission and value statement
  • Other pertinent information; patient portal, health library, etc. (you can determine what other information you would like to share),
  • Services provided (summarize this information)
  • Explain why you selected this healthcare organization

Upon completing of this assignment submit your completed presentation for grading.

Please note: Do not wait until Week 8 to begin your presentation

Please visit the student resource center for information on how to record voice to your PowerPoint Presentation:

Grading Rubric

All presentations will be graded as follows.

CriteriaPointsPercentageQuality of slide content (all required content included, concise, well-organized, level of thought or analysis is appropriate, sources properly cited, proper spelling, grammar, and no typos) 80 70%Quality of oral presentation (well-organized, poised and clear) 40 30%Presentation Total 120 100% 

!!!!! The Healthcare Organization of my choice is “Piedmont Radiation Oncology Center, Griffin, GA”!!!!