Predator prey scientific paper by using netlogo model


Details of your Assignment

This assignment is done by observing the reading from a net logo model software which is attached with my moodle so I can provide you my moodle id and password to complete the assignment

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Write a brief but insightful scientific paper, using the predator-prey model, evaluating the support for the hypothesis of your choice. In preparation to do so, consider what parameters of the model you will manipulate, and what response variables you will measure to evaluate your hypothesis. Consider how you will replicate your experiment to obtain confidence in your results. Use the following sections in your paper:

  • An appropriate, clever, and interesting title. Note that ‘Predator-prey dynamics’ is not a clever or interesting title!
  • In your abstract, provide a brief overview of your key results, interpretation and recommendations (150 words, maximum).
  • In your introduction, provide enough background and context so that the reader clearly understands the importance of the hypothesis you will test. A clear statement of your hypothesis should appear in the last paragraph of your introduction. Be sure to justify why you expect your hypotheses to be supported by the data. Refer to peer-reviewed literature to contextualize your results.
  • In your methods, briefly state how you manipulated the model. What parameter(s) did you vary, and over what range? How did you replicate your sampling? There is no need to describe the basis of the model itself. Nor are you required to use statistical tests. Doing so would be a nice addition, but is not required.
  • In the results, lay out your findings clearly, using figures, and if necessary, tables. The results section should present results suitable to evaluate the support for your hypothesis. Remember that a results section MUST include a text description of your key results. Use the text to highlight the key results shown in your figures. Be sure that your figures are legible, illustrate your findings, and include complete captions.
  • In the discussion, interpret your findings in terms of your hypothesis. Refer to peer-reviewed literature to interpret your results.

Use no more than 1200 words for ECOL203 (1500 words for ECOL403) in total (excluding abstract, captions, and references).  The rubric that provides the benchmarks against which your paper will be judged is available on Moodle.

Your report must be written in your own words. Write your report independently. Turn in this assignment by Moodle. Indicate your identity with your student number, and only your student number