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This Assignment covers Chapter 4 and Chapter 6

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Overview: This assignment covers the activities that begin before the disputants meet face-to-face or online. Given that online video conference mediation is the new normal. The learning objectives focus mainly on the mediation agreements for both face-to-face and online mediation and the online guidelines and ground rules. This assignment focuses on two premediation activities :  (1) Drafting an Agreement to Mediate and   (2) Writing an Opening Statement. Students will also use the attached document as a ” template”  or “worksheet” to complete this Assignment: LBS 5465 Premediation Assignment 1 (Rev 4.4.22).docx


Assignment Samples &  Resources

The attached document is a “Sample Agreement to Mediate”Agreement to Mediate (4.4.22).docx


The attached document contains several paragraphs for an ” Opening Statement”  to mediate  LBS 5465 Opening Statements for Online Mediation (3.6.22).docx


Assignment & Reading Resources

(Keep in mind that the textbook does not cover online mediation; therefore, please read these resources to increase your knowledge about online mediation) :

Using E-Mediation and Online Mediation Techniques for Conflict Resolution.Links to an external site.

Preparing For Success At Virtual  (Online) Mediation: Links to an external site.Read the FAQs section to gain an understanding of  what virtual mediation is like- according to Lawler at Lawler ADR Services (LADR)

Mediation Agreement and Online Mediation GuidelinesLinks to an external site.