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COURSE TITLE: Principles of Marketing – MKT 101


PROJECT RATIONALE: The purpose of this four page paper is to research, analyze and explain how a business uses marketing to maximize profits and stay relevant to consumers.  You will explore what their marketing plan consists of and must show examples of how this marketing is used. 



Textbook, Internet Access, Computer and Word Processing Skills


The following must be included in your paper:

Identify the following:

ü  Choose a company/business or organization to profile

ü  Explain what type of business or organization they are:

o   Profit or Non-Profit

o   What is the goal of this business?

o   How they operate, are they local, regional, national or global.

ü  Explain why you chose to profile this company

ü  Who is their target market?

o   Age, Income, Demographics

ü  How does this business market themselves?

o   Explain the mediums they use and how they reach this market.

o   Are they successful?

o   Describe their campaign?

ü  Identify the business’ competition.  How do they deal with that competition?

ü  What challenges has this business had, if any?

ü  How does this business use technology in their marketing?

ü  Where is this business headed in the future?  Will this marketing keep them out in front?

ü  If you could change anything the way they are marketing themselves what would it be, and why?

BE VISUAL – this is a marketing class; I expect to see some imagery in the paper.  It shouldn’t take up a whole page but it can complement the content of the paper and paint a picture.




Paper Points – 40pts

You will be evaluated on the following:

ü  Length of your paper – 4 pages (this does NOT include the title page and works cited/source page) so your paper should be at least 6 pages total.  MAX PAGES 5 on the content pages (anything over this amount will result in points being taken off).

ü  You must use at least 3 sources

ü  Grammar & Spelling – Content & Readability

ü  Knowledge of the subject matter, how well you answer the questions above in the paper

ü  Format: 12pt Times New Roman font – Double Spaced, APA or MLA format.

Due Date: 9.26.14 – 5:00pm

Please Submit to the Dropbox