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  1. Use Visible Analyst to create a context diagram (see figure 5-11 page 161) to show the relationship of the system to other information systems and external entities. To include the diagram in the word file Go to the EDIT, and Select all, Copy and save the diagram as a .jpg file and then include the image file in your Word file. You can do so by opening the diagram, and then go to edit menu, select all and then select “copy to” in the save as screen give the file a name and save it as a jpg file. Then open a word file and copy and paste the image in your word file. That way you can resize the image if you need to.You need to create a context diagram using process modeling notations in Visible Analyst by revising and updating the context diagram given in Figure 7-1.
  2. Explode your context diagram to the system or level 0 diagram,
  3. Explode the system diagram to functional and detail level DFDs for processes in the No Customer Escapes Systems (See Yourdon Press case study for example),
  4. Use visible analyst to generate decomposition diagram using the decomposition option
    Use visible analyst to analyze and balance your diagrams for completeness (see page 101 of VA tutorial).
  5. Balance your Data Models with your Process Models (using the repository and model balancing option) and show that your project is correct (as was shown in class). Note the Data Modeling requirements from prior milestone (Chapter 8- Milestone 5). Preview the document You need to include your process model along with your balancing report to show that your data model indeed balances with your process models.

Notes: In order to create a child DFD diagram in the student edition, you need to explode your process (right mouse click on the process symbol, choose explode, then choose Create New Diagram). This action helps you to decompose the parent process, to promote model balancing and to maintain the integrity of the model. You should not try to create the child diagram by creating a new DFD via the File | New Diagram menu item. You need to explode your context diagram to system level diagram. In order to do that, first you have to figure out how many processes you need to have on the system level diagram. The basic requirement for the case is asking you to explode one of the processes in the No Customer Escapes Systemsto functional and detail level diagrams.

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To get the extra credit, you need to explode all the processes at the system level and create functional and detail level diagrams for each of the processes.  The models need to balance from one level to the next level to have a complete process model.