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Please write a persuasive argument paper where you argue that two dissimilar things have certain similarities, or that two seemingly similar ideas are vastly different. You will place those two issues or concepts side by side in order to make a larger point about how their relationship functions or does not function. Ultimately, you must write an extended analogy and transform it into an arguable enthymeme. The analogy can be a positive or negative one. Make sure the analogy allows you to juxtapose two ideas.

Must construct an argument using the Toulmin strategy of argumentation. Need to identify the underlying assumptions in an argument and shape the essay to address these underlying assumptions, which are referred to as the warrants.

Required to engage with at least 3 scholarly and/or reputable sources. Those include books, scholarly articles and reputable news sources.
Also, don’t forget to consider opposing viewpoints. Your argument will be stronger if you prove that you’ve considered its complexity. One way to do that is to account for claims that the other side might make.
As was previously stated, the Toulmin strategy for argumentation must be used. Remain aware of the following key features.
• Enthymeme (Claim Reason) • Grounds • Warrant • Backing
Remain aware of other conventions to persuasive writing, such as:
• Necessary background information. • A clear and arguable thesis. • Reasons. • Convincing support for reasons.

The Requirements
• 5 to 8 pages in length. • MLA documentation and formatting style. (This includes a works cited page!) • Must cite at least 3 sources! • Your outside sources must come from reliable sources, i.e. published articles, literature,
and media. Avoid unreliable websites, such as Wikipedia, Facebook, and personal blogs.

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