Project 3: analyzing financial reports step 5 and 6

This is a group proect. The excel file is done. Please find attach the entire instruction and the excel file completed. Answer step five discussion question and step 6, which the template is attached.


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Step 5: Discuss Strategy 

Discussion with Colleagues

Earlier, Frank mentioned you would need to attend a meeting with other finance and accounting analysts at MCS to discuss the differences in strategy between Choice Hotels and Marriott. Both companies have a BBB debt rating from Standard & Poor’s. This is the lowest investment grade rating and indicates that both companies have been aggressive with growth, finance, and Treasury Stock purchases.

· Discuss the differences in strategy related to business growth, finance, and Treasury Stock purchases.

· Discuss the similarities in strategy.

· Discuss any strategy recommendations for Choice Hotels’ management.

During Week 6, submit one original posting of at least 250 words in the “Comparing Choice and Marriott”Discussion by Saturday and post two responses of at least 50 words each to other discussion participants by Tuesday. This discussion is an individual activity. Satisfactory and timely participation in the discussion is a requirement for meeting performance in this project. See MBA discussion guidelines.

When you have finished Step 5, proceed to Step 6, where you will summarize your team’s project findings in a report to management