Psych 627 week 4 chronic pain presentation

Develop a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to discuss each of the points listed.


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Discuss the following from the biopsychosocial perspective, using the Week Four Assignment Scenario:

  • Discuss Wendy’s most critical biological concerns and risk factors. How would this be conceptualized using the life course perspective, including age-related aspects of health and illness?
  • Describe Wendy’s psychological functioning. Which existing conditions, symptoms, issues, or concerns would your team want to investigate more thoroughly?
  • How is Wendy functioning socially? How might her biological and psychological conditions contribute to or be influenced by her social functioning?
  • What role might culture and gender play in Wendy’s condition?
  • What role does anxiety play on depression and chronic pain?
  • Illustrate a systems theory approach based on the findings. Develop a dynamic flow chart to explain the biopsychosocial model in Wendy’s case, including the biological, psychological, and social factors involved.
  • What questions would your team like to ask Wendy or her family members? Be specific and explain why you would ask each question.
  • Could this diagnosis have been prevented? What prevention strategies would you have recommended to Wendy?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines, including at least seven peer-reviewed scholarly references.

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