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In a Word document, answer the questions below in APA paper format (double space, 12 pt font, title page, references, and headers).  These questions require extensive research. You may use graphics and charts to assist in explaining the answer.  
Each question
MUST be a full page
, and double Spaced.

1. Explain the make-to-stock process. Link this concept to an understanding of customer lead time and inventory investment. Use a specific example to support your answer to this question.

2. Relative to the platform service business model and service failsafe, explain how the concepts can be utilized to provide proper service while mitigating any potential risks to performance. Use a specific example to support your answer to this question.

3. Explain the concept of material requirements planning (MRP) and link this concept to inventory holding costs. Explain how each inventory holding cost is affected by MRP and how this analysis can mitigate supply chain risk.

4. When selecting location areas, what are six areas that require consideration. In your answer, define these areas. Then, how do these areas affect the effective operation of the total supply chain management process?